Walk 6 - St Andrews to Tay Bridge

For walk 6, I drove to the car park next to the south end of the Tay Bridge, and caught a bus to St Andrews. Once into St Andrews it was easy to pick up the walk again. The path out of St Andrews is dull going in my opinion, with the golf courses pushing the path away from the shore and alongside some busy roads. I did however see some beautiful flowers and butterflies.


The scenery improves a lot at Guardbridge, with the old bridge and some nice views. Heading towards Leuchars I was rewarded with more good flower shots, and a field looking like something out of a painting. Then the former RAF station (now an army base) pushes the path back into some duller surroundings. This part of the path is a bit of a slog away from the coast.

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Distance Average Speed Time Taken
17.8 2.5 7:10
Field of dreams near Leuchars

Field of dreams near Leuchars

Tentsmuir Forest

The walk then enters the Tenstmuir Forest. This coincided with the worst weather of all my seven walks - heavy rain - which probably further affected my feelings about this walk. The early part of the forest was dull, and I was badly bitten by some insects (which hardly ever happens to me). What kept me going was the hope that the Crepe Shack would still be there to brighten up the day.

Half way through the Tentsmuir Forest part of the walk brought me to the car park where the Crepe Shack was indeed still there - I stopped for a crepe and a very welcome coffee. Luckily the rain also stopped for a break at this point, and stayed off for the rest of the day.

For some reason the offical route goes through the forest, and does not follow the beach. After a bit I cut through the trees and onto the shore. I find the views much more varied than the rather regimented foresty, but others may appreciate the change of environment.

The walk continues along the coast, changing direction to bring you away from the North Sea and into tTay estuary. Depending on the season there can be a lont of birdlife to be seen as the estuary has many sandbanks and mudflats.


The path takes you through Tayport, which has a small harbour and good views. After a while I was back at the car park at the Tay Bridge, and heading for home.