Walk 5 - Crail to St Andrews

By walk 5 I was starting to feel very confident about my eventually walking the whole coastal path. This was going to be quite an achievement for me, walking such a long distance and sticking to a plan. Crail to St Andrews is fine for distance, but it is advertised as some of the most remote parts of the path, with some parts inaccessible at high tide. Reading about it beforehand left me feeling quite the intrepid adventurer. I drove to St Andrews and parked near the bus station. I had a fair bit of time to wait at the bus station, and while sitting in the waiting area I could not help overhearing the two ladies next to me. I estimated they were about twenty years older than me, but it soon became clear they too were waiting for the bus in order to walk back to St Andrews. Feeling somewhat deflated about my intrepid explorer status, I boarded the bus. The ladies turned out to be lightweights who got off the bus at Kingsbarns - I was a wee bit relieved they were not going to be walking as far as me!

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Distance Average Speed Time Taken
14 2 6:50

Crail to St Andrews 011 2016-04-09.jpgCrail to Fife Ness

On the previous walk I had enjoyed a coffee at the Honeypot tearoom in Crail, and I when I got off the bus I was looking forward to a coffee and scone to set me up for the walk. Unfortunately I had not checked their opening time, and arriving at 9.40 the cafe was not open (it opens at 1030) when I alighted from the bus, so I set off immediately on the walk.

Fife Ness is sort of the corner in the landscape where the coast turns to run towards St Andrews. There are magnificent views all round across wide open spaces and beaches almost to myself.


The walk from Fife Ness follows the coast closely with breath taking views and very little habitation. Cambo Sands is a lovey small beach. Not long after that the path goes inland a little at Boarhills to follow the Kenly Water for a short distance.

When the path returns to the coast near Buddo Ness I almost trod on a snail on the path - it looked very lonely. Bored almost. Of the hills perhaps? Bore-hills? And people say I'm not funny!

Crail to St Andrews 020 2016-04-09.jpgCrail to St Andrews 025 2016-04-09.jpg

To St Andrews

From Boarhills the path returns to the coast and follows it all the way to St Andrews. The path runs between some golf courses and the cliff edge and when I was there there were spectators on the golf courses and I felt that I was intruding even though there was a wall between me and the golf course. I am probably just over sensitive. The coast line here has lots of variety with cliffs, rocks, and wild life.

St Andrews has a bit of a reputation of being cold, becuase it faces out across the North Sea, and on my walk it lived up to its reputation. As I walked down unto the town from the cliffs I first put on my coat and then had to put on my hat. I had missed out on coffee in Crail and this walk had no obvious coffee stop along the way. I did consider having coffee in St Andrews, but in the end decided to wait until driving home - the only one of my seven walks without a coffee.