Walk 2 - InverkeitHing to Kirkcaldy

Walk two was an easy start, leaving the house at 0830 and on the path by around 0834 - yes, the path starts just across a couple of roads from the front door.


Unlike the first walk, I knew exactly what to expect on the first stretch of this walk: I have walked from my house to St. David's Harbour on many occasions. It is an easy path following the coast closely. As the coast curves round the Forth Bridge gradually comes into full view, and there are good views across to Edinburgh with Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle easily picked out on the skyline. From St David's Harbour the path follows the coast past Dalgety Bay before cutting inland towards Aberdour. From Aberdour the path goes back to the coast and along the beach at Silversands Bay. Although I passed it by on this walk, the cafe at Silversands is a a good place to stop for coffee or food.

Flowers on the Fife Coastal PathGate in Aberdour on the Fife Coastal Path

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Distance Average Speed Time Taken
16.6 2.3 7:13


From Aberdour and Silversands the path leads into Burntisland (which is not an island). I had thought there was a cafe at the Beacon Leisure centre, but there are just some vending machines. I used the toilet facilities then sat outside with my sandwiches - coffee would have to wait. From Burntisland the path follows the beach towards Kinghorn. If the tide is out you can walk (as I did) along the beach pretty much the whole way; when I walked it there was a slight breeze but it was at my back so I was able to relax, and enjoy the walk with fine sand blowing past me.

Kestrel near Kinghorn on the Fife Coastal Path



Into Kinghorn and just off the beach I found the Carousel Cafe which has wonderful views over the Forth. I finally had the coffee and scone I had planned on having back in Burntisland. Another good cafe right on the coastal path - recommended. Leaving Kinghorn I saw a bird (a kestrel?) which posed long enough for me to get some pictures. Although I took a lot of pictures of flowers on each on my walks, this was the only time I saw a bird like this up close. There are lots of seabirds (duh!) and smaller birds just as you would see in your garden, and no doubt a more observant person would see more wildlife than I did. Perhaps I like photographing flowers becasue they don't move away?


From Kinghorn the path follows the coast closely to Kirkcaldy. Shortly before Kirkcaldy there is an area of rocks where there are often seals to be seen. I didn't notice any seals on this walk but have seen them on other occasions so watch out for them. Into Kirkcaldy for around half past three and for me this was the end of the day's walking and time to walk up to the train station for a short trip home. I bought a coffee at the rail station to keep me going. When I moved to Fife I got caught out a few times thinking towns along this part of the coast would have high streets running west to east, but in fact they often run south to north; and this is true of Kirkcaldy where the north end of the high street gets referred to locally as the west end.