A while back I mentioned that I had started looking at neovim, a fork of the long-standing Vim editor. After trying neovim on a number of occassions, I really did not see any advatage it had over Vim that was of use to me. In theory, neovim has better support for things like text completion and debugging, but I did not find it easy to get neovim plugins working. Returning to Vim I see that it has started introducing an asynschonous terminal window which will enable much better debuger support. In true Vim style, I expect that when this feature is completed it will "just work".

Neovim's news page has not been updated in the lst 10 months, and I have not seen it getting mentioned in other places I visit, so maybe it has just not gained any traction and will remain of limited interest.

Vim's terminal feature is still a work in progress - for example, even scrolling does not work for me - but it is changes are going back on an almost daily basis.