My first impressions of neovim were coloured by the fact I generally run gvim – the gui version of Vim with menus for easy access to things like changing the file syntax setting, listing buffers, and so on. Neovim does not appear to support menus yet – on the wiki they say a GUI is planned for 0.2. I tried nvim (which is what the neovim executable is called)a few times, but did not find a compelling reason to switch to it, or at least not yet.

One thing I tried with nvim was deoplete – a word completion plugin which should work with C++. I tried a few times but did not get it working smoothly. This did prompt me to look at completion plugins for Vim, and came across YouCompleteMe, which can use the clang compiler to offer context aware completion of C++ variables and classes. I will be trying this out more comprehensively this coming week.

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